PicoScope® 4000 Series High Resolution Oscilloscopes

PicoScope® 4000 Series High Resolution Oscilloscopes
PicoScope® 4000 Series High Resolution Oscilloscopes
Product Description

PicoScope 4444

High-resolution differential USB oscilloscope

Key features

  • 4 fully differential high-impedance inputs
  • 20 MHz bandwidth
  • Flexible 12 and 14-bit resolution
  • 256 MS deep memory
  • Rejects common-mode noise
  • Interface for intelligent probes and clamps
  • Low-voltage probe for millivolts to 50 V
  • 1000 V CAT III probe for high-voltage applications

Typical applications

  • Non-ground-referenced measurements
  • Safe probing of single-phase and three-phase voltages and currents
  • Measuring power drawn by mobile and IoT devices
  • Mains quality testing
  • SMPS design
  • Hybrid and electric vehicle design
  • Motor drives and inverters
  • Biomedical electronics
  • Measuring differential signals (CAN, balanced audio) with a single channel




Any input channel

Trigger modes

None, auto, repeat, single, rapid

Advanced triggers

Edge, window, pulse width, window pulse width, dropout, window dropout, interval, runt, logic

Trigger sensitivity

Digital triggering provides up to 1 LSB accuracy up to full bandwidth

Maximum pre-trigger

Up to 100% of capture size

Trigger time-delay range

Up to 4 billion samples

Trigger rearm time in rapid trigger mode

< 2 µs on fastest timebase

Max. waveforms in rapid trigger mode

10000 waveforms in a 12 ms burst

Product Details:

Waveform Buffers


Sample jitter

3 ps RMS typical

Output frequency

1 kHz

Output impedance

610 Omega

Output waveforms

Square wave

Output level

4 V peak

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